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DateTimeSessionMain Session CoachesBeginners Group Coaches
Thursday, 1st August 2019
6:30pm‘DENESIDE DASH’ – 1000 Metre Reps (Deneside Road, Pierremont Road, Orchard Road, Dene
Grove and Woodland Road)
The session starts with a warm-up (Run to the session), and some appropriate drills
in the Tennis Dene. Each rep then starts at the gates to the Tennis Dene on Westlands Road. Members will run
out of the gate, turning right onto Deneside Road. Once they reach the junction with Pierremont Road, they
turn right into Pierremont Road, and then right into Orchard Road, following the road around into Dene Grove.
At the top of Dene Grove, Members turn right onto Woodland Road, and then right again back into the Tennis
Dene and return to the start point.

These longer reps provide a good opportunity for you to work at your threshold level - this might be a pace you
could maintain for 10 Miles or may be a 7/10 or 8/10 in terms of your own Rate of Perceived Effort. You should
be working 'comfortably hard', perhaps able to exchange a couple of sentences with someone around you, but
it's not conversational pace.

The ‘A’ Session is 10 Reps;
The ‘B’ Session is 8 Reps, and
The ‘C’ Session is 6 Reps.

Members will take a 2:00 minute between reps.

Members are reminded to undertake an appropriate cool down, followed by some static stretches, at the
conclusion of the session.
Sunday, 4th August 20198:30am5K to 10K Group (Darlington 10K): Week Ten In the lead up to the Darlington 10K, Coach Ian HART will
be leading a weekly Sunday morning run, aimed at taking those who can run 5K, up to the
distance of 10K, with a view to completing the Darlington 10K. Each week the run will become progressively
longer until the goal distance is reached.

This run will be 10km. All Members are welcome to participate.
Sunday, 4th August 20199:00am‘The Sunday Social’ with Coach Ian YOUNG All members to meet at the gates of Abbey Road Sports
Field at 9am. Coach Ian YOUNG will lead the Sociable Sunday Steady. The focus is very much on
this being a sociable run, running as one group, with all abilities welcome.
Monday, 5th August 20197:00pmIndian File Session (Track Session) - Eastbourne Sports Complex Warm Up: 1200m Conversational Pace (3 laps of track);
Warm Up with Drills (Start Finish Line);
Main Session: Indian File (Members split into A & B Groups) 5mins Indian File x 3 with 2 Mins rest in-between.
Cool down 800m (2 laps) slowing down each 400m until last 100m is at walking pace.
Static stretches to finish.
Tuesday, 6th August 20196:30pm600 SOLUTION – Hummersknott Avenue and The Headlands, with recovery on Treelands (TRIAL SESSION)

‘Lots of runners do 400m repeats, but psychologically it helps to do another 200m’ – Janet Cherobon-Bawcom,
US 10,000m runner at the 2012 Olympics.
Starting on the corner of The Headlands and Treelands, follow The Headlands until it meets Hummersknott
Avenue. Turn left into Hummersknott Avenue, following the road around to The Headlands. Turn left into The
Headlands and follow the road around until you meet Treelands again, and this concludes the rep.

The session is as follows:

A Group – 8-10 Reps (4800m – 6000m);
B Group – 6-8 Reps (3600m – 4800m);
C Group – 4-6 Reps (2400m – 3600m).

Aiming to run at 5K pace (or >5K pace). Rate of Perceived Effort should be 8.5/10 or 9/10 (85%/90%). Perhaps
being able to exchange the odd word with the person alongside you, however it is intended to be an intense
session. Recovery is two minutes between reps and should be taken as a jog around Treelands.
Thursday, 8th August 20196:30pmClub Social Run Darlington 10K route training run, including start & finish area recce.
All Members to meet at Abbey Road Sports Field as usual.
Choice of running one or one and half loops at a very steady pace-coaches discretion.
Tuesday, 13th August 20196:30pmFLYING 500’S (SOUTH PARK)Session to commence with a warm-up (run to the session), a series
of Technical Drills for Speed, the Main Session, and a Cool Down. Effort from Victoria Embankment gates to Bottom
of ‘Squirrel Hill’.

As we are using the session to develop your Speed, you will want your recovery to match the time it takes for you
to perform the rep. For instance, if you run the rep. at 2:30, your recovery should be 2:30. This is to allow your body
to recover so that you can give your best effort on each rep. As with all interval-based sessions, you should be
looking for consistency across the reps. (Last rep. should be as good as your first).

The A Session is 8-10 x 500m Reps with equivalent time recovery between reps.
The B Session is 6-8 x 500m Reps with the equivalent time as recovery between reps.
The C Session is 4-6 x 500m Reps with the equivalent time as recovery between reps.
Rebecca DODD
Thursday, 15th August 20196:15pm onwardsTrail Handicap Race Series - White Horse Handicap Registration from 6:15pm at the Harrowgate Hill Working Men's Club.No Coaching Allocation required (Trail Handicap Race Series organised by the Race Development Committee).-
Tuesday, 20th August 20196:30pmPAIRED REPS ON ABBEY ROAD SPORTS FIELD (50m/100m/150m Session to commence with a warm-up, a series of Technical Drills for Speed (which could include High Knees,
High Knee Skips, Fast Feet, Butt Kicks, Sideways Jumping Jacks, etc.), the Main Session, and a Cool Down.

A Session - 10mins/5mins rest/10mins/5mins rest/5mins
B Session - 10mins/5mins rest/10mins (can add 5mins rest/5mins)
Rebecca DODD
Wednesday, 21st August 20196:30pmXC TRAINING SESSION – PARKY’S PARK SESSION (Blackwell Meadows, opposite the South Park) A basic reminder / introduction to old and new Members as to what the Cross Country (XC)Season involves.

There will be a quick look at the items you need to pack on race day, the races that are available and collecting your numbers etc. This will be followed by a general warm up before commencing the session.

The session will consist of a 1km loop, maximum reps x 6 with a 100m walk back to the start. The loop includes 2 x steep uphill climbs, 1 x steep downhill decent and 1 x gentle downhill decent with a nice bit of flat running in between.

Aim of the session: Members can aim to pace each lap the same, as due to the loop being undulating it may come as quite a challenge.
Graham PARK
Thursday, 22nd August 20196:30pmHILL SESSION – Hill Close Avenue and Clare Avenue Session to commence with a Warm-Up (run to the session), followed by the Main Session.

Main Session: Hill reps starting on the corner of Leith Road and Hillclose Avenue, heading uphill on Hillclose Avenue. Effort on the uphill section. Once at the top, cross the road, and take recovery on the downhill.

COACHING POINT: Would like Members to focus on maintaining good form for uphill running (standing tall, high hips, high knees) whilst undertaking the uphill sections of this session. Members should demonstrate a slight lean from the hips, not the stomach, with the chest straight and open, and focus on the path 10m/15m ahead of you.

A Session - 8 reps
B Session - 6 reps
C Session – 4 reps.

Run hard up the hill and jog back down the other side as recovery. At the end of the session, Members are
encouraged to undertake an appropriate cool down.
Tuesday, 27th August 20196:30pmPYRAMID SESSION on Abbey Road Sports Field Session to commence with a warm-up, a series of Technical Drills for Speed (which could include Slow High Knees,
High Knee Skips, Fast Feet, Butt Kicks, Sideways Jumping Jacks, etc.), the Main Session, and a Cool Down.

200 metre circuit
1st lap Jog round run last 25m fast
2nd lap jog round run last 50m fast
3rd lap jog round run last 75 m fast
4th lap jog round run last 100m fast then back down 3rd to 2nd to 1st lap

This is one set 5mins recovery and then second set of the above.
Wednesday, 28th August 20196:30pmXC TRAINING SESSION – WYLAM AVENUE LONG HILLSA Session – 8 Long Hill Reps with recovery on the downhill section/return section. This is a continuous session to develop endurance.
B Session – 6 Long Hill Reps with recovery on the downhill section/return section. This is a continuous session to develop endurance.
Graham PARK
Thursday, 29th August 20196:30pm2000M REPS (Edinburgh Drive/Coniscliffe Road to Tees Grange Avenue and return)

A Session - 4 reps
B Session - 3 reps
C Session – 2 reps.

2:00 recovery between reps.
Graham PARK

When working out your effort level for each session, Members may wish to give some thought to the following Rates of Perceived Effort. Our Coaches are able to offer some guidance regarding the effort level required for each session, however obviously you may want to give consideration to your own training needs too (training for a 5K race will look very different to training for a marathon, for instance). If you have any questions, please do discuss with the Session Coach, or contact us at

There are steady runs at a variety of paces every Tuesday and Thursday evening, alongside these main sessions. See the Steady Runs Training Schedule for more details.

Our club has a wide range of qualified coaches who have experience in many different distances and across many different terrains. Click here to view our Coaches page.

Coaching is organised by our Lead Coach, Paul Dalton. You can e-mail for information about any of the sessions. New members are encouraged to come down and try our sessions or join a steady run group.

Notes about training

Harry Manuel: One of our most experienced coaches

Harry Manuel: One of our most experienced coaches

  • The advertised times are when we aim to set off. Runners typically arrive at the venue anything up to 15 minutes before this time, in order to socialise, find out more about the sessions which are taking place, listen to announcements, check the club noticeboard, and so on;
  • Members taking part in a training session prior to competing in a race (mid-week or weekend) should seek the advice of the coach conducting the session in order to identify the most appropriate training level;
  • Please appreciate our coaches – without them, we wouldn’t have any training sessions!
  • All training sessions start from the Abbey Road Sports Field, Abbey Road, Darlington.

Please be aware that your effort in each session depends on your current training aims, level of fitness and your need to taper/recover. The coaches will be able to advise you on how many reps you should be aiming to complete. We also would like to encourage runners of all levels to take part in the sessions, including new runners.


Non members trying out the club

If you are not a member and are coming to one of our training sessions, we ask that you fill in the following form so that we have a record of who is attending training. Paper copies of the form are available from the coach on duty on the night.

Click here to download the Non-Member Registration Form (PDF)