Quakers On Tour

The following is a list of all the countries and cities/towns where Quakers members have run over the years.

AUSTRALIA – Melbourne, Sydney
AUSTRIA – Maria Alm
BELGIUM – Nieuwpoort, Ostend
CANADA – Montreal, Vancouver
DENMARK – Copenhagen
FRANCE – Bordeaux, Chamonix, Grenoble, Paris, Reims
GERMANY – Munich
HUNGARY – Budapest
ICELAND – Akureyri
IRELAND – Castle Demense, Dublin, Ennis
ISRAEL – Mount Carmel
NETHERLANDS – Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Etten-Leur, Leudal, Rotterdam
NEW ZEALAND – Auckland, Dunedin, Napier, Wellington
POLAND – Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw
PORTUGAL – Funchal, Porto
SOUTH AFRICA – Cape Town, Knysna, Port Elizabeth
SPAIN – Barcelona, Lanzarote, Madrid, Valencia
SWEDEN – Malmo, Stockholm
USA – Boston, Chicago, Grand Canyon, New York, Orlando, San Francisco

  • Northernmost – Richard Hughes – Akureyri, Iceland (65° N)
  • Easternmost – Rob Gillham – Napier, New Zealand (176° E)
  • Southernmost – Rob Gillham – Dunedin, New Zealand (45° S)
  • Westernmost – Dawn Richardson/John Whinn/Julie Whinn – Vancouver, Canada (123° W)

(up to June 2019)


“Quakers On Tour” was a new competition for 2017. It involved taking part in as many different parkruns in as many different locations as possible, during the year.

The Quakers On Tour competition was organised and managed by Ian Bond (ontour@quakers.run)

We are not running this competition again in 2018.

Final 2017 Results

Click here for the final 2017 Quakers on Tour Results

Click here for the final 2017 Quakers on Tour parkrun list


The Rules

  1. You must be registered with parkrun as a Quaker so that “Quakers” appears in the results alongside your name. You can edit your parkrun club registration details by visiting your parkrun profile page
  2. You must tell Ian Bond where and when you did each different parkrun.
    You may do this by email (ontour@quakers.run) or via Facebook

    • Please wait until you have done three different parkruns before telling Ian
      (to prevent having a list of 100 people who have just done Darlington South Park!)
    • You must tell Ian that you are planning to take part, and do so by the end of March
      (This doesn’t commit you to doing any parkruns but is just so as to avoid any dark horses taking the lead at the last minute, which would detract from the competitive element)

After the last Saturday in each month, we will send out a reminder, and will then publish a list of how many different parkruns each person has done, so that everyone can see how everyone else is doing.