Club Championship

Championship Table

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Championship Race Listing

Group 1: (5 miles and under)

Date Race Distance Terrain Results
09/04/2017 Hartlepool Marina 5mi Road Results (PDF)
26/04/2017 Spring Coast Road 5km Road Results (PDF)
10/05/2017 Pie and Peas 5mi Road Results (PDF)
02/07/2017 Ali Brownlee 5km Road Results (PDF)
19/07/2017 Summer Coast Road 5km Road Results (PDF)
27/08/2017 Auckland Castle 5mi Trail Results (PDF)
30/08/2017 Rosebery Topping 1.5mi Fell Results (PDF)
04/09/2017 Quaker Mile 1mi Track Results (PDF)
06/09/2017 Autumn Coast Road 5km Road Results (PDF)
24/09/2017 Thirsk Relays 2mi Cross Country Results (PDF)
26/11/2017 Gavin Duffy Memorial 5km Trail Results (PDF)


Group 2: (Under 10 miles)

Date Race Distance Terrain Results
14/04/2017 Mermaid 10km 10km Road Results (PDF)
14/05/2017 Pier to Pier 7.5mi Multi Terrain Results (PDF)
21/05/2017 Raby Castle 10km Mostly Road Results (PDF)
28/05/2017 Northallerton 10km Mostly Road Results (PDF)
09/06/2017 Blaydon Race 5.6mi Road Results (PDF)
21/06/2017 Whorlton Run 10km Fell Results (PDF)
09/07/2017 Kilburn Feast 7mi Road Results (PDF)
30/07/2017 James Herriot Trail 14km Trail Results ( PDF)
20/08/2017 Scorton Feast Memorial 10km Multi Terrain Results (PDF)
23/09/2017 Snape 10km Trail Results (PDF)
08/10/2017 Richmond Castle 10km Road Results (PDF)
22/10/2017 Yorkshire Coast 10km Road Results (PDF)
12/11/2017 Dalby Dash 10km Multi Terrain Results (PDF)
25/11/2017 Ravenstonedale Red 10km Road Results (PDF)
03/12/2017 Eskdale Eureka 8mi Fell  


Group 3: (10 miles and over)

Date Race Distance Terrain Results
12/03/2017 Dentdale Run 14mi Road Results (PDF)
19/03/2017 Thirsk Ten 10mi Road Results (PDF)
26/03/2017 DHAC South Park 20 20mi Road Results (PDF)
30/04/2017 Reeth Trail 20k 20km Trail Results (PDF)
10/09/2017 Vale of York Half Marathon 13.1mi Road Results (PDF)
01/10/2017 Redcar Half Marathon 13.1mi Road Results (PDF)
05/11/2017 Guy Fawkes 10 10mi Mostly road Results (PDF)
19/11/2017 Town Moor Half Marathon 13.1mi Road Results (PDF)



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Club Championship Rules


Events are chosen to cover the range of distances and disciplines (road, fell and trail).  Long distance walks may also be used, as traditionally some entrants run them and they are a good source of longer off-road events.  Championship events are not special or different from any other events you do.  Just enter and do them as normal.  Our club championship administrator will find the results and will process them for the championship.

Adjustment Factors

Age grading is a way to adjust an athlete’s performance according to age and gender. The age-grading tables were developed by the World Masters Athletics (formerly World Association of Veteran Athletes), the world governing body for track and field, long distance running and race walking for veteran athletes. The tables were first published in 1989 and most recently updated in 2015.

The tables work by recording the world record performance for each age at each distance, for men and women. Where necessary, the world record performances are estimated.

For example, the world record for a 53 year old woman running a 10km is 35:01.  So if a 53 year old woman finishes a 10km in 45:18, she has an age-graded performance of 77.3% (which is 35:01 divided by 45:18).  The wide availability of age-grading tables has allowed older runners to compete on even terms with younger generations. In many running clubs today, the age-graded champion earns as much, if not more, recognition as the outright (non-age adjusted) winner of the event.

Whilst the age grading tables allow men and women of differing ages to compete on a level playing field, they do not make any allowances for natural ability and/or the amount of training an athlete undertakes..

Adjusted Time

The runner’s actual time is multiplied by the adjustment factor to give the adjusted time.  Here are some examples for a 10k event.

Man Age 45 Actual Time 45:25 Factor 0.9332 Adjusted Time 45:25 x 0.9332 = 42:23

Female Age 45 Actual Time 45:25 Factor 0.9192 Adjusted Time 45:25 x 0.9192 = 41:45

Female Age 55 Actual Time 45:25 Factor 0.8381 Adjusted Time 45:25 x 0.8381 = 38:04


How points are obtained is very simple.  50 points are awarded to the runner with the fastest adjusted time, 49 to the next etc.  Championship points updates will be regularly updated on the website.


For the 2017 Championship, there will be a wide range of events spread over 3 groups. The groups are organised by distance to encourage runners to try a range of distances and disciplines. Overall a maximum of 10 races could count.

Group 1 is distances up to 5 miles.
Group 2 is over 5 miles and under 10 miles.
Group 3 is distances from 10 miles upwards.

As mentioned above, points from a maximum of 10 races will count as the runners total. The only stipulation will be that the maximum 10 races to count will include a minimum of two races from each group. Therefore if you do 10 races or more from the selection of championship races, then the highest two scores from each group will count plus the next 4 highest scores.

A few dates are still to be confirmed but the expected date is shown for these. Entry details for many of these races can be found at NE Races.

Club colours, which can be either a vest or t-shirt, should be worn. Some discretion has been used recently due to a shortage of vests. This rule may be enforced when kit supplies are available. Basically, if you have a vest, then please wear it.

Finally, only races completed after members have joined the club or renewed their membership will count towards the Club Championship.