New Members

We actively encourage non-members to come along and see what Quakers has to offer, and no charge is made for attending these initial sessions. No one is under any obligation to join, but our hope is that you will enjoy training with us, will keep returning and after four weeks then decide to become a member of the club.


Your membership will only be activated when we receive your membership subscription payment. Current membership cost is £35, which includes £15 England Athletics registration fee. There are discounts for Over 65s and Under 18s, and pro-rata discounts throughout the year. Click here for all membership fee information.

Non members trying out the club

If you are not a member and are coming to one of our training sessions, we ask that you complete our registration form, so that we have a record of who is training with us. Paper registration forms are also available from the coach on duty on the night.

Our training sessions are held at and around the clubs base at Abbey Playing Fields on Abbey Rd on the west side of Darlington. The sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:30pm until 8:00pm and are open to all. See the Training Schedule for details.

Why Join Us?

Michelle enjoying the mud and water!

Michelle enjoying the mud and water!

Why running? Now there’s a question I’ve been asked many times. To be honest there’s no simple, single reason. I do know, however, that the Quakers Running Club has kept me running, kept me interested in running and helped me improve as a runner – along the way meeting loads of new people and doing things I never thought I’d be able to do. When I look around at races or at training, I see lots of people who have done the same as me. People who have gone from wheezing to smiling crossing the line at a marathon; run a sub 40 minute 10km race; run over 30 miles; complete the Race for Life; and get dirty at the Thunder Run!

The Quakers Running Club, as any club night will show, has a massive range of runner abilities present at any training session. Our club ethos is based on “No Quaker ever left behind”. So whether you are starting out running or beginning the training for your seventh marathon, we can offer you something.

From a personal point of view, starting running was one of those life changing experiences. With the aim of completing the Great North Run I set my sights high, but after a breathless first five minute run I knew that I had a long way to go. I trained on my own and ran many long runs on my own – completely unstructured and mind numbing training. I gave up running after that first Great North Run; it was boring pounding those pavements by myself.

I still wanted some exercise and tried going to the gym, all well and fine but that was even worse than pounding the pavements alone. Even having a gym buddy was useless because if he didn’t want to go, I didn’t – suited us both fine.

Then I heard about the Quakers and thought I’d give them a go and I’ve never looked back.

The Quakers gather before the 2011 Darlington 10k Race

The Quakers gather before the 2011 Darlington 10k Race

Running with a group of like minded, friendly people helps to keep me coming back every Tuesday and Thursday night.

You don’t just give up half way round a session because you’ve got encouragement from another 30 people who’ve been there before. If you’ve got a question about a race, nutrition or training you’ve got a wealth of experience throughout the club. If you’ve got a goal you’re working towards, the chances are there are others doing it as well.

Former Club Secretary: Damian Wynne

Former Club Secretary: Damian Wynne

Quite a few of our runners compete in races – on the road, in the park (usually at one of the many north eastern parkruns), on the track on the grassy trails, up the fells and moors and on muddy x-country courses – enjoying the feeling of getting out there. We have runners of all abilities and paces you’ll always see the white and black Quakers spread throughout the race.

We recognise all levels of running; our 10k Leagues are set up so that everyone competes at their own level; our club championship challenges our runners to do their best across a wide variety of races. We have runners who race every weekend for their own enjoyment and we have runners who never want to strap a number onto their tummy! Although, trust me, you’ll want to enter a race soon enough!

So if you’re thinking about giving running a go, then come down to our training nights at Abbey Fields on Abbey Road on either a Tuesday or Thursday night. We meet just next to the building at 6:30pm, although many of our members are there from about 6:10pm to have a chat.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Existing Members

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