January 2019 achievements

During January we have seen many Quakers taking part in parkruns far and wide, road races, cross country, trail events, marathons and ultra marathons. Our members have had a great start to the year and we have new Club Records, runners being placed in their age categories and new personal best times.

David Thompson   Hardmoors 30 Ultra Marathon 6:05:12
Jamie Norman       Hardmoors 30 Ultra Marathon 6:39:30
Wendy Colling       Hardmoors 30 Ultra Marathon 6:44:11
Sandra Cass          Hardmoors 30 Ultra Marathon 6:44:15
Rebecca Dodd       Hardmoors 30 Ultra Marathon 7:03:50
Diane Vaughan       Morpeth 11k    2nd in age category 50:29
Katherine Hackett  Old Monks trail race 2nd in age category 41:34
Dawn Richardson  Brass Monkey half marathon Club Record in age category 1:30:14
Lisa Jenkins           Brass Monkey half marathon PB 2:15:40
Lisa Alderson         Brass Monkey half marathon PB 2:18:05
Michelle Scruby     Brass Monkey half marathon PB 2:12:46
Brian Martin           Ormesby Hall, Middlesbrough 1st in age category 38:11
Dave Thompson    Madeira marathon,  Marathon and 2nd in age category 3:47:28
Anthony Corbett    6 hour NEMC Hardwick Park Club Record 30.72 miles (5hrs 47)
April Corbett          6 hour NEMC Hardwick Park Club Record 27 miles (4hrs 50)

I will publish each month a round up, if you have an achievement that is a race placement in the top 10 finishers, placed in and age category, a PB, completed a marathon or ultra marathon or have set a Club Record and have not been included please do let me know by emailing stats@quakers.run so that I can add it to the annual achievements report.

April Corbett


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